H. subelongatus

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H. subelongatus (W. Australian)

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Location:  Eastern Indian Ocean: southwest Australia.

Environment:  depth range 1 - 25 m;  edge of rocky areas, muddy bottom and areas of high sediment load; jetty piles and moorings

Climate:  Sub-tropical

Availability:  not common in the aquarium trade

Physical Characteristics:   5-7 inches (13.0-20.0cm) Coronet: high, expanded rounded top - (more fluted in females,  rounded in males). Spines: low, rounded bumps only ; narrow body; usually double rounded cheek spines; long snout (about 1/2 head length); prominent rounded eye spine. Color pattern: usually pale may be yellow, orange, black, purple, white, cream or pink; brown ring around spines; striped snout

Reproduction:  Gestation period 2-3 weeks, depending on water temperature.

Other Information:  move to deeper waters in winter




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