H. reidi

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H. reidi (Brazilian)

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Location:  Western Atlantic: North Carolina in USA, Bermuda and Bahamas to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Environment:  depth range 0 - 55 m; gorgonians or seagrasses

Climate:  Tropical (or subtropical)

Availability:  WC and CB available

Physical Characteristics:  5-7" (9.5-17.5cm), Coronet: low-medium, rounded may convoluted (like a crumpled piece of paper). Spines: none to low rounded.  Broad, almost double cheek and eye spines; long, thick snout; narrow body.  Bright colors: orange, yellow, maroon -  often  spotted with brown or tiny white dots (especially on tail); may have paler ‘saddles’ across dorso-lateral surfaces.

Reproduction:  egg diameter 1.2 mm; gestation period 2 weeks, depending on water temperature; young approximately 7 mm (very small) at birth, require special care to raise

Other Information:  believed pair-bonded in wild




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