H. comes

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H. comes (Tiger Tail)

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Location:  Western Central Pacific: Malaysia, Singapore, Viet Nam and Philippines

Environment:  depth range - 20 m  This species is mainly found in pairs (Ref. 48635) on coral reefs, sponge gardens, kelp, and floating Sargassum

Climate:  Tropical

Availability:  WC available.  CB occasionally.

Physical Characteristics:  grow to 7 inches (16.0 cm)
Either dark with yellow stripes around tail or yellow with dark stripes.  5 point coronet, radiating lines of tiny white dots around eyes (beautiful!) and down onto trunk.  Coronet: small and quite low, with five distinct rounded knobs or spines Spines: varies from blunt to quite sharp; often with dark band around them near tip. Cheek spines double; double spines below, and sometimes also above eye; prominent, sharp nose spine; snout long and slender. Color Either dark (sometimes silvery) with yellow stripes  or yellow with dark stripes; striped tail ( may not be visible in dark specimens)

Reproduction:  Gestation period 2-3 weeks (but varies with water temperature).  Fry do not hitch at birth.

Other Information:  Not a seahorse for beginners, believed to be harder to keep than most.  Picky eaters.  Do not respond well to medical treatments.




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