H. capensis

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H. capensis (Knysna)

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Location:   Southeast Atlantic: endemic to South Africa. Hippocampus capensis has the smallest known range of any seahorse

Environment:   Found in bays and estuaries among submerged vegetation

Climate:  temperate

Availability:  CB  (Ocean Rider: Zulu Lulu)

Physical Characteristics: 4 inches (11.2 cm)  Coronet: none, arch of neck is a smooth curve; juveniles may have a very small coronet but this disappears as they mature. Spines: none on body; very short and blunt on tail Other distinctive characters: short snout; male with slight keel. Color pattern: usually mottled greenish or brownish; can have scattered dark spots on body.


Other Information:  was the first to be assessed as threatened on the IUCN Red List, in 1994.






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