H. bargibanti

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H. bargibanti (Pygmy)

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Location:  Western Central Atlantic: Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Queensland, and New Caledonia

Environment:  depth range 16 - 40 m; Only known to occur on gorgonian corals of the genus Muricella, with up to 28 pairs on a single gorgonian

Climate:  Tropical

Availability:  Not available for home aquariums.

Physical Characteristics:  very small, under 1 inch (2.0 cm), Spines: irregular bulbous tubercles scattered over body and tail;  snout extremely short;  Color: (a) pale grey or purple with pink or red tubercles (found on gorgonian coral Muricella plectana) OR (b) yellow with orange tubercles (found on gorgonian coral Muricella paraplectana)


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