H. Barbouri

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H. barbouri (Barbour's or Barb)

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Location:  Indo-Pacific, Gulf of Thailand, South Sea China.  Western Central Pacific: southern Sulu Sea of the Philippines and Malaysia.

Environment:  depth range 6 - 10 m.  Unlike most seahorses, this species is often found clinging to hard coral.

Climate:  Tropical   74 - 78 F (24-26 C)

Availability:  CB and WC are available

Physical Characteristics:  4"-6" (15.0 cm), Coronet: medium-high, five sharp spines;  quite sharp eye spine; first dorsal trunk spine much longer than others and curved backwards;  double cheek spines, double spines below eye. Color: white to pale yellow to pale brown; reddish brown spots and lines on body; snout often striped; fine lines radiating from eye.

Reproduction:  Fry hitch at birth

Other Information:  reported to have a sensitivity to nitrates evidenced by heavy breathing.




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